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Salon Leveling System

Blowout Specialist

Our Blowout Specialists are licensed cosmetologists who have completed at least 1,000 hours in cosmetology school. They undergo in-house training, assisting our Senior and Master Stylists. After completing our Apprentice Program (lasting 6-18 months), they advance to become Protege Stylists.

Protege Stylist

Protege Stylists have mastered foundational skills and offer a limited menu of services at Protege pricing. They are transitioning from our Apprentice Program and are gaining confidence in their craft.

Level 1 Stylist

Level 1 Stylists are either newcomers with experience or professionals early in their career who choose to grow with Leela’s Salon. They excel in foundational cutting, styling, and coloring services. Booking with them offers a cost-effective option without compromising quality.

Level 2 Stylist

With a minimum of 2 years of experience and top-notch education, Level 2 Stylists handle customized cutting and coloring services. They excel in advanced techniques, including extensive color projects and corrections.

Level 3 Stylist

Level 3 Stylists bring extensive salon experience and excel in providing superior services efficiently. They undergo continuous training to stay updated on new trends and techniques. Their expertise includes advanced services like haircutting, balayage, and color correction.

Level 4 Stylist

Masters of their craft, Level 4 Stylists have earned their reputation for excellence through years of experience, advanced education, and high demand for their services. They are leaders within our organization, serving as mentors to the next generation of talent.

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